Request for proposal — Coordination project

Request for proposal — Coordination project

Project overview

AAC Voice Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation established to support and advocate for people who have little or no speech and use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

AAC Voice is seeking a contractor over a six-month period to assist in coordinating and promoting its activities to achieve these outcomes:

  1. Raising the public profile of AAC Voice
  2. Raising funds to further the work of AAC Voice
  3. Coordinating AAC Voice activities to support and advocate for people who use AAC
  4. Increasing the membership of AAC Voice.

We envisage that to meet these outcomes, the contractor will attend AAC Voice Committee meetings and work collaboratively with the AAC Voice Committee on tasks such as:

  • promoting AAC Voice in the community
  • answering inquiries through email, website and social media
  • promoting AAC Voice membership and process applications
  • updating the AAC Voice website
  • managing social media – Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms
  • coordinating volunteers
  • coordinating events
  • writing letters to advocate for people who use AAC
  • preparing submissions for funding
  • developing new project proposals and plans.

Scope of work and deliverables

The project budget available is about $7000. We envisage that the project will be delivered over six months, and that work required will be at least six hours per week.

Deliverable outcomes are: Measured by:
1.  Raised public profile of AAC Voice Increased social media activity and following; other evidence of public engagement.
2.  Increased funds to further the work of AAC Voice Successful grant applications; increased donations.
3.  AAC Voice activities to support and advocate for people who use AAC. Successful AAC Voice picnic in October 2018,

successful seminar in November 2018.

4.  Increased membership of AAC Voice Increased membership.

Budget and payments

As a contractor, you will be responsible for setting your hours and methods of work. You will provide your own place of work and tools of work and will meet the expenses that are incidental to your work.

Specifically not included in the scope of work:

  • bulk printing, poster printing, or the cost of production of promotional materials
  • expenses (beyond your personal expenses) required to hold meetings or events
  • other expenses arising from the development of new projects.

If additional expenses arise that are beyond the scope of work, these must be agreed with the AAC Voice Committee before they are incurred.

AAC Voice will pay you for this project in response to your invoices. Your proposal document should indicate what schedule of payments you propose. We suggest that a maximum of 6 payments over 6 months would be appropriate.

Deadline for proposals

Written proposals should be submitted by 5pm on Thursday 25 August. The AAC Voice will respond to proposals and conduct interviews with shortlisted applicants to select a contractor. We hope to complete the selection process by the end of August.

AAC Voice’s new coordinator

In June 2018,Louisa Wilson we welcomed Louisa Wilson as the new coordinator of AAC Voice. Louisa has recently completed a Bachelor of Science–Psychology at Macquarie University, and is hoping to begin a Masters of Speech Language Pathology at Sydney University next year. Louisa has worked as a disability support worker for over a year, is passionate about disability and ensuring everyone’s voices are heard.

Sadly, Louisa will be unable to continue in the role in future, and AAC Voice is looking for a contractor who can take over the project. See Request for proposal — Coordination project for more information.