Mentoring for AAC users – an opinion

AAC Voice member, Fiona Bridger, has recently written an opinion piece outlining the mentoring and support needed by people with communication disabilities and people who use AAC. It is a great read, and highlights the importance of being surrounded by a strong supportive network.

Read her blog post here. 

The new NDIS – an opinion

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a noble idea, but so far has not been as effective as intended, writes AAC Voice member Fiona Bridger in a recent blog post.

Fiona sees problems in the way the NDIS planners assess the support needs of people with disabilities.

Fiona is an AAC user with an active interest in public policy. Read her article on her blog, Silver Lining.

AAC Voice encourages all AAC users to express their opinions on the NDIS and other matters that¬†affect their lives. Let us know what you are doing or thinking, and we’ll do our bit to pass on the word.